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Build Radical Self-Care with proven wisdom and step-by-step support:

  1. Treat Yourself With Kindness

  2. The Self-Love Workbook

  3. The Manifest Mindset

  4. Compassionate Gratitude Journal

  5. Keto & Mediterranean Recipes (March 2024 Bonus!)

This 5 Book Self-Care Bundle is Transforming Women's Lives

✔️ Curated exclusively for women
✔️ Backed by research
✔️ Crafted with love


Treat Yourself With Kindness

Beautifully illustrated with over 150 pages of wisdom to improve your self-care pathways, silence your inner critic, and treat yourself with loving kindness.

Peek Inside:

  • The surprising truth of self-care (it's more powerful than you think)

  • Plant the seeds of self-worth through self-discovery, acceptance, and compassion

  • Nurture healthy relationships and ditch the bad ones

  • Silence your inner critic using proven mindfulness and CBT techniques

  • Nourish yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually

  • And much much more...

The Self-Love Workbook

A powerful step-by-step workbook providing over 200 pages of engaging prompts, reflections and exercises to boost your Self-Love.

Peek Inside:

  • Set your self-love intentions

  • Create your self-love routine

  • Learn about Personality Types

  • Engage your innate self-acceptance and compassion

  • Release self-doubt through powerful reflections and reframes

  • Heal your relationships

  • Embrace who you are

  • And much much more...

The Manifest Mindset

Stop apologizing and start manifesting your dreams. This tour de force provides 10 chapters and nearly 200 pages full of motivation to transform your self-limiting beliefs into a self-empowered and self-confident mindset.

Peek Inside:

  • Advocate for what you deserve (it might be easier than you think)

  • Accomplish more using SMART goals, the Eisenhower Matrix, and the Getting Things Done method

  • Identify your "Flow State" using the Energy-Engagement-Flow journal

  • Challenge self-limiting beliefs using Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) techniques

  • Build healthy habits and get rid of bad habits through habit stacking

  • Recruit a supportive team of friends to help manifest your dreams

  • And much much more...

The Compassionate Gratitude Journal

This lovingly crafted Journal helps you tap into your sense of Compassion and Gratitude with 365 days of prompts and inspiration. These virtues have been proven by research to improve emotional well-being and resilience.

Peek Inside:

  • 365 days of prompts

  • Inspiration from world renowned female leaders

  • Track the daily ebbs and flows of your mood

  • Monitor your nightly sleep quality

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Tap into the innate positive mindset you were born with

  • Create a healthy daily morning or evening self-care routine

✨ March 2024 - FREE BONUS ✨

Simply Healthy Recipes

This beautifully illustrated collection of delicious recipes features Mediterranean, Ketogenic, and DASH dishes. Each recipe was carefully curated based on research from the American Heart Association to provide nourishing meals that energize and rejuvenate your spirit.

All our recipes were selected with an eye for simplicity for weekday or weekend meals. Pick your favorites organized by breakfast, lunch and dinner in easy to follow instructions. It's never been simpler to eat healthy!

Our Customers Love the Radical Self-Care Bundle

"This is a great bundle with really inspiring ideas. Being vulnerable, challenging limiting beliefs, learning to speak assertively, and tackling shame are great lessons for any stage of life."

~ Kayla W.

"The Self-Love Workbook transformed me from a people pleaser into self-advocate. The step-by-step exercises were exactly what I needed to jumpstart positive change in my life."

~ Emily J.

"What I appreciate most about the Bundle is the Journal and Workbook are straightforward and easy, it's not homework. The messages stuck with me: "The struggle is real. Suffering is optional."

~ Laura D.

"I LOVED these eBooks. They were written as if a good friend was talking to me. Super supportive and motivational. Just love all around! These books are POWERFUL and the 5 Book Bundle is a great deal!"

~ Melissa T.